Pastor Jim Voigt Bio-

Welcome to my blog!  I’m the Pastor of Hallsville United Methodist Church located in Hallsville, Missouri just outside of Columbia (home of MU!).  My wife, daughter and I reside in Columbia, just a short distance from our church.  During my ministry career I have been a Youth Director, Associate Pastor, Church Plant Pastor and a Senior Pastor.  My life has been a constant learning lesson.  My greatest learning lesson lately has been in overcoming anxiety and depression in my life.  I have made some radical shifts in my life when it comes to my time, goals, family, my idea of church and my role as a Pastor.  In this blog you will find my “way too honest” story of shifting priorities in my life.  I hope my story is an encouragement to you with the challenges of your life.  Feel free to share my posts and site with your friends and family and let me leave you with this one suggestion.  If you believe that your life needs to be different then what it has been, then perhaps it begins with thinking differently then how you have been thinking.