Podcast #1 – Introduction to yourwaytoohonestpastor.org

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This is my first podcast and an introduction to yourwaytoohonestpastor.org.  I talk about what anxiety and depression can feel like along with my own experiences of them.  I also share about our desire to keep these difficult emotions and fears out of site of our friends and family members.  Perhaps we have more to gain by coming clean?  Listen and find out.


  1. Appreciate your honesty and I am sorry for your struggles. Glad you are sharing to help others

  2. Thanks for sharing Jim. I know this is a difficult thing to share. You are brave and being helpful to othets.

  3. Thank you for this podcast, Jim! This will be so helpful in so many ways! God bless you❤️

  4. Depression, Anxiety and mental health issues are treated with such a ‘hands off’ approach by many. I know your journey is going to help so many people. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more.

  5. Thanks Jim for doing this podcast. This is going to be so helpful to so many! Looking forward to the next one! God Bless You!

  6. Thanks for sharing. I know this podcast will help so many people. Will be praying for your message. Miss you guys.

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