Podcast #2- Confessing at Rock Bottom

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This podcast is about the crisis that occurs when depression and/or anxiety isn’t properly addressed.  I talk about my experience of hitting rock bottom along with my confession to my church about my struggles.  Why do we struggle to talk about and manage these struggles within?  Listen and come one step closer to good emotional health.


  1. I will pray for you. I never new, you hide it well. Was so shocked to hear, never saw any symptoms. Your second Mom. Love you and support you❤️

  2. HI Jim just listen to your blog. I really appricated your honesty and explaining what you have been going thru
    with your anxiety and depression. It take courage to be open about it. I did not realize that I was having problems after my father died, until I was angry at woRk with the people I work with and then I was bringing it home and if Susan or the kids said anything I was ready to jump grown their throats. That’s when I went to see my doctor and was placed on meds for depression. But Also talking and praying helped me. By being a health care provider were just as vulnerable as everyone else. But I find it hard to admit that I’m just as vulnerable as everybody else.

    God Bless

  3. I remember being so surprised when you told us during a sermon at Weston UMC. I also remember the day you asked for someone to participate in the service the following week to discuss Anxiety and Panic, along with alcoholism and depression. When I told you I could do that, you were very surprised that I had experience with that issue. I’ve been burdened with this my entire life. But the feeling I got from publicly discussing this during the sermon was amazing. After the service I had numerous people thank me for talking about it. In fact most of them had experienced this also, but didn’t know what it was. They thought they were dying. For months people continued to thank me. You helped me by asking me to talk publicly about it. It still plagues me and I know this will be a lifelong battle for me, but I know I’m not alone. Thanks, Cyndie

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