Podcast #3 – Transformational Practice: Mindfulness Meditation

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Did you know that an overly active mind can lead to greater anxiety and depression?  When we are worried too much about what has happened or what will happen it can create a constant fear mentality. In this podcast I speak about the first of four transformational practices that have helped reduce anxiety and depression in my life.  Could mindfulness meditation help you as well?


  1. I have never thought of myself as having a ‘racing mind’. But when I started having a heavy business load and especially when I took on the responsibility of leadership roles in my industry association, I started doing exactly as you described. Going over and over every scenario. And now I find myself anxious about all situations. I have not tried the meditation, and I know you and I talked it about it before. But I am going to try again. Thank you for your insights. They are very helpful.

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