Podcast #5 – Transformational Practice: Great Counseling

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Being honest about our thoughts and feelings related to anxiety and depression can be difficult.  Sometimes we don’t even know how to explain what we are thinking and feeling.  Great counseling can help us better understand those things that lie within the deep recesses of our souls.  In this podcast I talk about my own lessons around receiving great counseling.  I offer both false expectations and pro tips for getting the most out of a counseling relationship.  Make sure to listen in if you have thought about getting some counseling but haven’t yet made the call.


  1. So many great tips and truths here! Thanks for sharing your experiences and revelations through and about counseling with us. Love and hugs to you dear friend!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I certainly had an unreasonable expectation/benchmark when I first started seeing a counselor. My goal was to make it through a session without crying and that is how I would know I was ‘fixed’…I quickly learned that was silly and completely opposite of what I needed to be working towards. Therapy is a process and it’s worth the effort 🙂

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